Build Programs by Demonstration

Algot is a radical new programming language with lucid visual semantics and growing expressive power.


  • Algot paper accepted at ICER 2024

    The paper “An Electroencephalography Study on Cognitive Load in Visual and Textual Programming” by Sverrir Thorgeirsson, Chengyu Zhang, Theo Weidmann, Karl-Heinz Weidmann and Zhendong Su has passed peer review at ICER 2024 and will be presented in Melbourne, Australia in August.

  • Algot paper accepted at ITiCSE 2024

    The paper “Assessing Live Programming for Program Comprehension in Tertiary Education” by Oliver Graf, Sverrir Thorgeirsson and Zhendong Su has passed peer review at ITiCSE 2024 and will be presented in Milan, Italy in July. Two other accepted papers on Algot will be presented at SIGSCE 2024 in Portland, Oregon, USA in March.

  • Interreg grant awarded

    Interreg ABH, a funding programme supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), accepted in November 2023 a joint grant proposal by Swiss and Austrian researchers on Algot as a development platform for citizen developers. The total funding granted by Interreg for the project is approximately €150,000.